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Registration of the School:
Nyakahoja (Holy Family Primary School) was published in the Tanganyika Gazette of December 1961, Section 8; The AFRICAN Education Ordinance Register No. 44/3/001. Since 1997, the school was given a new registration number: MZ.01/3/003.
After registration was done the J.M.J. sisters continued to work hard so that the school could start soon. Preparing for the school was tiresome and not easy, but with the help of Mwanza Diocese and the Government officials they were able succeed.
The J.M.J sisters had to find children to join the new school. They made contacts with parents of different nationalities, races and religions so that it could be an integrated school.  We are all God’s children from one Father, regardless of where we come from or which denomination we belong to. This process continued successfully.
Nyakahoja Primary School was officially opened on 22nd January,1962 by the sisters of J.M.J. from Holland.  It was made a day and boarding School. The media of instruction has been English, until now. The school has been Co-educational since it was established. It started under the Catholic Diocese of Mwanza which Currently, is the Archdiocese led by His Lordship Anthony Mayala.
The J.M.J. sisters were able to admit 68 pupils for the first year. They started with Standard one and Prep classes. The students who have been admitted at Nyakahoja Primary School (alumnae) from 1962 to 2002 are 3,801. The total number of pupils this year 2002 is 433. The number of boys is 211, while the number of girls is 222. Out of these, 69 pupils are in the boarding programme. These pupils belong to parents who live outside Mwanza City

Who was running the school?  Nyakahoja (Holy Family) Primary School was at first run by the J.M.J Sisters. They administered the School from 1962 up to 1975, when they handed it over to the sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus from Bukoba Diocese.

The boarding building construction:  
In 1967 to 1968 the boarding apartment was built. It was opened in 1968 with the capacity of accommodating 66 pupils only.

Name of the school: Holy Family Integrated Primary School.  
This school was put under the patronage of the Holy Family of Nazareth: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. As this family is the model of all the families in the world, the staff and pupils of the school have to live in the spirit of a family, “Father! May they be one, so that the world will believe that you sent me” (Jn.17:21). Each one has found that she/he is expected to be loved and appreciated for who she/he is.
However, 1971 was a time when private companies and institutions owned by individuals were nationalised.  The un-nationalised schools were ordered to change their names.  Instead of using foreign names, local names were to be used.  Our School was renamed “Nyakahoja” a Sukuma word, which means “The mediator” between people and gods, instead of Holy Family Primary School.  

In the family of Nyakahoja Primary School, all had to cultivate these virtues of Joy, Love, and Peace.  Teachers and pupils had to find ways and means of being joyful.
Love for all without any discrimination in any way had to be fostered.  They had to live in peace with each other and to avoid anything that would destroy peace. This type of life led to formulation of a school motto which is love, joy and unity.


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