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Nyakahoja Primary School is located in the North of Tanzania; along Makongoro Road within Mwanza City, close to the shores of Lake Victoria.  

The school compound
The school compound is about 4 acres.  The structures on the school compound include: the eight classrooms, an administration block, the dormitory, the dining room, library, the sisters’ convent and the playgrounds.





The foundation background of the school:
In 1960, Bishop Blonjous of Mwanza Diocese saw the need to start an integrated school in Mwanza town, which was growing fast in Tanganyika at that time. In the effort to fulfil his vision he invited a Missionary Society from Holland, his home country, to support him.  The Society of the J.M.J. (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) Sisters agreed to come to work in the Diocese of Mwanza. After the arrangements were ready the first missionary sisters of the Holy Family Society arrived in Mwanza on the 30th of  June, 1961. They were nine sisters; four of them went to Kibara to start Kibara Hospital and five stayed In Mwanza.
The sisters who stayed at Nyakahoja wanted to start building the school, though it was not very easy to get a plot.  The plot was bought from the Meghees family.  Sr. Berdin Leew with her companions started to build the school to be known as The Holy Family Primary School, and in December of 1961 two rooms were ready to be used as classrooms. This encouraged the hope of starting the School. 

The aims of Nyakahoja Primary School (Holy Family School) are:

A. To work in unity and building god’s community or “nation” We have to build a community where the spirit of God provides all aspects of  school life, uniting the staff, pupils, and parents of different  races 
and denominations or religions in their ways of life.
B.   To help the children to understand God’s world and everything in it.  
C.  To give the pupils every opportunity to develop academically and socially, using the strong links forged among home, school and society. If we do not try our best to help them to mature, their behaviour will not improve.  Hence, we are obliged to educate each child as a whole person not  only mentally but also spiritually.  The way we are modelling these children is how they will turn to be later.

Nyakahoja my beloved school
I dream of you everyday
You are at the shore of Lake Victoria
At Makongoro road.

You are decorated with green grass
And flowers and trees
Nyakahoja my beloved school let
Our Lord Bless you.


1.  Tanzania, Katika Afrika Yasifika 
     Kiongozi wake Rais Benjamin Mkapa 
Tawi lake lililoko hapo Mwanza Makongoro
     Ndipo yalipo majengo bora ya shule yetu.  


Na walimu wote shuleni
Watufunza kwa juhudi zote 
Zingatia Mawazo, toa ujinga 
Ili upate faida maishani mwako

2.  Nyakahoja ni shule tuipendayo wanafunzi  
     Mengi sana ambayo twajifunza shuleni  
     ili tupate faida maishani mwetu.    
3.  Mataifa ni mengi hapo kwetu  
     Utakuta Mwafrika, Mzungu, Mhindi  
     Hao, wote mafunzo yalingana shuleni  
     Nje ndani furaha na upendano  
4. Je wajua Bendera ya shule hii  
    Rangize kibluu, Nyeupe, Kijivu  
    Kibluu ni ziwa lililopo karibu
    Kijivu na Nyeupe nazo ni vazi la shule    
5. Mwenge kati wasema inafaa kueneza  
    Elimu upatayo shuleni  
    Wasaidie raia na jirani nchini  
    Kwa mfano si maneno hasa matendo  



We have a prayer song as well; which reminds us all our duties as human being.

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TEL: 2500571 / 2500574, MOBILE: 0741-317860

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