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Parent – Teacher Consultation
Children’s work and progress are inspected or checked by the head-teacher four times per year, in collaboration with class teachers and subject teachers.  The parents of children who are academically weak are called to discuss how to improve the child’s situation, assuming that some of the problems are caused by social affairs or bad health. Parents are welcomed for consultation at any time during office hours.

Homework and Parental Encouragement
At least two home-works are given to pupils daily.  The parents or guardians should encourage children to read; talk with them about their school work and show them that you are interested and you want them to do well. They should appreciate their children’s efforts.  We recommend that unnecessary critical comments should not be made. Parents are invited yearly to the school to participate in the daily school activities and go through their children’s academic progress.  This day is known as the Parents Day.

The first Parents’ Day of the school was on the 1st July, 1973. Parents’ Day is aimed at bringing into close contact between parents and the school, ultimately resulting into better co-operation between the two parts. .  According to natural law, the parents bear a responsibility for educating  children.  The school is the most important aid, but ultimately the task of education remains the responsibility of the parents. It is important for parents to realise this.  If the parents play their proper role in the education of their children and if parents and the school fruitfully co-operate towards this end, the pupils will perform well. The school on its part has to try to bring out the best in the children with whom it is entrusted.  All children are basically the same, yet still they differ in one way or another. We do recognise that these are God-given individuals and we try to handle them as individuals.

The years in Primary School are formative and impressionable when children’s lives patterns of morals, work habits, and characters are modelled, when lifelong habits of neatness and pride of personal appearance are taught. Here young children learn how to play together in order to associate whatever they are learning for future life in the pluralistic society of Tanzania. Parents and teachers need to co-operate. The school expects from parents to show real interest in their children’s school life. Children seek approval. Outside the school they need to feel that they are accomplishing something important. If parents fail to display  interest in the daily school life, the child will not and can not consider the school as important.   One way of showing interest is personal contact between the parent and the child’s class teacher. Early contact is import but, not to wait till when there is something more or less seriously wrong.

A child is a child. It has no sense of responsibility.  It relies on its teachers in the school and mostly on its parents at home.  

At home children like to tell their stories about their school, to talk about the past school-day and they long for attentive listeners.  They need to see someone take interest in their homework, they need to be praised and shown discontent where necessary. If there is something parents don’t agree with, they have to go to school and to talk it over.  The Holy Family School in co-operation with the parents are committed help the country of Tanzania in its development.  

Parents Day is celebrated each year.

2001 Parents Day – Picture

Guest of honour & teachers

Teaching staff and committee members 2001 Parents’ Day. The guest of honour in suit seated in the middle, teachers and parents seem excited and attracted to the pupils who were performing on the stage 
Students performing on the stage



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